George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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If he (follower) is wise then he will perceive apprenticeship. Physical shapes will never trick him, but he will have a look on soul properties of everyone and will have a talk with everyone. There are many animals in the World that have a human shape. When he cognizes them he will give acoms to swines, barley and straw and grass to cattle, bones to dogs, and he’ll give shoots to slaves, and he will give perfection to children.
--“Ancient Christian Apocrypha” The Gospel from Foma, 119

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method
The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as virtual course on DVD "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

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The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as virtual course on DVD "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
For more details see...

Documental clips about the method
Delegation of USA's and Ukraine's First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Lyudmila Kuchma with the results of rehabilitation of children with CCP using V.M. Bronnikov's method, 1997.
(in English)
Delegation of USA's and Ukraine's First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Lyudmila Kuchma with the results of rehabilitation of children with CCP using V.M. Bronnikov's method, 1997.
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Documental clips about the method
The 'Explosiv Magazin' telecast about the Bronnikov method on german television.
(in Deutch)
The 'Explosiv Magazin' telecast about the Bronnikov method on german television.
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Technology of business success
Globalization without humanity
Human Physiology


«World of XX – beginning XXI centuries endures the developmental stage that will considerably exceed both age of geographic discoveries, and age of colonial system ruin, also period of national states system formation, and industrial revolution, which gave to national states in all world the possibility to develop. The question is about modern structural and functional changes covering all spheres of human life – economy, politics, right, international relations, and even mode of life. Often these processes are described as globalization, formation of postindustrial world, information society, postindustrial stage of development, etc.»

(«Globalization: Human measurement», MSIIR, Moscow, 2002).

Globalization concept more and more influences man consciousness. It comes into our life in spite of public opinion of unprepared for its perception people. Some of people are scared, but others are glad because of new changes and prospects.

It is unclear for many yet, what Globalization means and what kind of political decisions can be born. But it is clear that it is not possible to stop globalization process.

What should be our relation to this social phenomenon?

Bible says: “Do not judge others and you will not be judged”. Dao wisdom tells us: “It is necessary just to establish a fact that Globalization is in progress, and we do not know is it evil or good”. By other words, if this exists, i.e. if God gave globalization the possibility to exist, it has the right to exist. Everything depends on our relation to this phenomenon, how to consider it: as a dilettante, as an expert or as a master.

Dilettante, as a rule, sees evil in everything, since he is a victim in this situation. Specialist finds right position deriving benefit from it. Master controls the situation, can subjugate everything to his objective and goal, growing to new horizons of deliverance.

Globalization history roots to distant past. Concept of God, Creator, means Globalization. Powerful God has created World in seven days (Bible). Religion was the first, who propagated Globalization, but “through the curtain of life scene”. Now is the time, when the life scene curtain is raised and people saw vast processes and transformations going every day, creating closer and closer connections between people, systems, countries, and uniting the whole world in single divine organism.

Why Man is so scared by Globalization? The problem is in the level of psychological development. Until now whole world, as a rule, was developed according to monkhood principle (lone person). Now lone person is replacing by New Man that needs to exist in collective – association of like-mended persons. The world is full of club systems by interest, by politic conviction, by profession. Today new types of club systems are creating, that unite people by other principle – the principle of new man capabilities and qualities.

How can usual people understand the coming ocean of events? Ancient wisdom tells us: “Man in ocean of life can be only lost. But if he becomes a drop of ocean, he joins with ocean in immortal life”.

It is necessary to consider the question of integrated Globalization, i.e. from position of historical aspect of modern state and future prospects. It is necessary to see mistakes in understanding of this subject, its clear and hidden sides.

The history of Globalization as an ongoing historical process

Even the concept of Myth is already Globalization. Civilization, nation, culture are symbols of metaphysical meaning of Globalization.

In Heathen Mythology there are 300 000 gods. In Greek Mythology there is Olympic Family – Gods of Olympus, Gods of Aid and Ocean. Egyptian, Mayan and other civilization mythologies open their legends full of divine essences keeping threads of Globalization in their hands. Important event of Humanity Saving from Death simultaneously runs through whole history.

At the same time globalization process is necessary for development and maturation of humanity and its transition to new quality for realization of its cosmic destination.

Ancient mythology describes repeated arrivals of Saviour Avatar to help humanity.

Avatar is very rare person now that hasn’t karma. Avatar is divine sacrifice. Accepting a lot of evil Avatar reshapes it in good, simultaneously suffering and staying in happiness and delight, filling life by new spirit content and purity.

Avatars come when danger threatens world or whole humanity.

In Hinduism mythology it is known 28 incarnations of Vishnu and Shiva Avatars. In Christian Bible we can read about angels, who come down to the depth of earth hell to help suffering humanity. Christ came from God as a Saviour.

What is the danger, from which they save us?

Who wishes us problems and death? On this question ancient wisdom answers: “Water coming into grape roots dies and grape juice born, grape juice coming into vat dies and turns into vine, vine coming to Christ hands thanks to magic dies and turns into Christ blood”.

World is full of metamorphoses. Are ordinary people ready to see and to understand these processes? Are there such midwifes, who are able to help new born? In such difficult moments of transition of humanity into other quality Avatar comes – Saviour comes to help Man to change his stereotypes and to rise on new evolutional stage.

Who participates in this evolution transition? “God’s – to God, Caesar’s – to Caesar, but there are archontes. For archontes – archonte’s”. Exactly archontes are responsible for evolutional transition. Exactly they block humanity development. Archontes are always living essences of power.

Subtle material essences had enclosed all their best qualities in a man in the process of his creation and finally found that he exceeds them in quality. Then they became jealous to man.

“Archontes wished to swindle man because they saw that man has the same origin with really good things. They took the name of good and gave it to bad for purpose to swindle man by names and attach them (names) to bad things” (the Gospel from Philip, 13, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

“Archontes thought that they were doing what they were doing by their power and will. But Saint Spirit secretly performs through their instrumentality as Saint Spirit wished” (the Gospel from Philip, 16, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

Exactly archontes block our development creating problems for humanity.

One of blocking problems is:
- “Many stay at the source but can not have a drink”;
- “World of Father God spreads around Earth, people don’t see it” (the Gospel from Foma, 117, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).
- “I shall give you what eye did not see and what ear did not hear and what did not enter man heart” (the Gospel from Foma, 18, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

These are hidden from people. To perceive secret is the aim of humanity.

Jesus – hidden name. Christ – opened name.

In external space Saviour Avatar comes to Man. Through internal space Avesha essence comes, which has to use strange body for realization of its unique mission, but it can enter that strange body only with the permission of body owner.

Such phenomena as Saviour Avatar and Avesha come to the Earth more and more often. Cosmic organics helps them to perform their tasks. Cosmic organics created Cosmic Space of Solar System (CSSS), but at present it regulates processes on Earth and in Solar System.

The reason, why archontes do not wish we know about our destination, consists of our role in direction of Solar System transformation energy.

Globalization as Creator materialization

Creator of the 1st generation displays his power through Cosmos and Nature. But Creator itself is in creative process.

Open the Bible where you can read about Creation of our World in seven days. Ask yourself, can fridge, or TV, or furniture emerge itself in Cosmos or in Nature (because of natural processes)? Of course, no! It happens through Man. Through humanity Creator of 2nd generation becomes apparent. “God has only our hands”.

At present with globalization process Creator of 3rd generation becomes apparent. Many even do not guess it.

How does it express?

In different scientific fields:

- Chemistry: There is new direction allows to obtain new substances with properties and qualities, which do not exist in Nature
- Mechanics of 2nd generation opens new page in technologies
- Physics is replenished by anti-gravitation, ether-dynamics, resonance, plasma, chronic and other technologies
- Computer world: Creation neural and quant computers, which have consciousness and ability to born ideas
- Field of knowlidge about Man: New property of cerebrum, consciousness and life power – Biocomputer, human “Internet”.

Rate of new technologies outcome, fast world and social life changes, technical progress growth scare unprepared people separating human world on two classes: seek people and people, who do not seek anything but try to conceal themselves, go away from happening life processes. Now the first position is occupied not by contradictions between rich and poor, but by contradictions between psychologically ready to fast life changes people and unprepared, weak and diffident people.

Financial World System, or Nervous Earth System

In ancient times the main type of pay of labor was the natural truck-system. Then we began to use metal and paper money, now we use cards (this is informational form). What will be further?

Globalization brings in our life new understanding of universal forms of business interactions. If earlier well organized business needs good office, now office is replaced by portable computer and cell phone, and instead of bank it is enough to have knowledge of virtual business, which opens possibility to manipulate by numbers of millions dollars in own portable computer. In jungles of world market there is now new virtual economics of transnational money streams, which are less and less attached to material substrate and are dissolved in games of informational data. Many of businessmen do not understand, where they “swim”, and who pays and controls this “aquarium”.

The biggest value of modern business is new people generation, who understands and possesses of virtual business trends.

“Politicians did not understand that true technological actives of country are in ability of its citizens to solve difficult problems of future that determines country prosperity”.
Robert B. Reich. What is Globalization? 2003

By other words instead of money new generation of specialists is taking the first position. They own telepathy, Biocomputer and other cerebrum tools, also neuron and quanta computers, plasma and temporal technologies, and many other things, about which we are not allowed to tell yet.

Everything mentioned leads us to the new understanding of money, finances and business, and helps us to realize that behind them there is subtle-material structure “Earth Nervous System”, which has its own essence nature, own consciousness, ability of self-development and self-protection.

Creating Nature asks us about new understanding, other treatment of it. Time of rebirth of ancient spirits is coming now. One of those spirits is the Lord of Earth Nervous system – Hermes Trismegiste, whom power warder is drawn on all old banks and financial world houses. Globalization process helps Man to see existing world in a new fashion, opens new management technologies. At present reorganization of markets, main financial centers and controlling systems takes place. New economical echelons are creating. Redistribution and specialization of State, and creation of virtual State government occur. Ordinary people are pushed aside from these processes and do not understand them.

To have success in business it is necessary to possess of business success technology for conscious man, in which we consider financial system as integrated model including components of good fortune, success and happiness.

First of all, success depends on Man, his professional ability to see the problem.

The second, good fortune depends on subtle-material essences, which could be named as informational system of influence that depends on readiness of Man to accept the system.

The third – it is not possible to find happiness, it is only possible to build happiness. I.e. no money or knowledge is important, but it is important to be able to work with finances in banks, to participate in exchange operations and operations between banks.

The forth is the technology of meaning, competent work with technology for information de-enciphering that opens the meaning and determines man actions. It is necessary to be able to project, to create and to control the situation.

As a rule, business specialists are not psychologists. Therefore, they are far away from understanding of Earth Nervous System. Good fortune usually comes as subtle-material essence, but man does not see it and is not able to accept it.

Psychological schemes include:

1. Man depends on Money. He needs food, etc.
2. Money and their availability depend on social position of Society.
3. Society depends on Power.
4. Power depends on Health. Everybody ills and dies. Prosperity leads to increasing of morbidity.
5. Health of Power depends on life power condition, on purity of spirit, on influence of Sky and Earth on Man, on subtle-material objects.
6. Subtle-material objects and their existence depend on Laws and Principles.
7. Laws and Principles influence existence of Subtle-Material World.

There are two psychological points to consider life processes: Reasonable Man, who lives empirically, by way of trials and mistakes, and Conscious Man, who builds his life according to knowledge of future event results.

Reasonable Man has financial needs in the first place. 1 – He wants to have money. 2 – He has money. 3 – He has a lot of money. It is considered that this level is the worst for Man. Such Man depends on many factors and does not belong himself. 4 – Everybody, who has a lot of money, wants to have a power. 5 – Man has power. 6 – Man has huge power. This is even more dangerous then the 3rd level because man belongs himself less and less and depends on more and more factors. The next level is health. 7 – Everybody, who has a power, wants to be healthy. 8 – Man has health. 9 – Man has an excellent health (it is the best position for man). 10 – Everybody, who has an excellent health, wants to have life. 11 – Man has life and controls it. 12 – Man has many forms of life. 13 – The ability of emptiness present is the highest. It enables man to see all previous 12 positions abstractly, as observer. Conscious Man needs it. He is able on the one hand to behave on all 12 levels, and on the other hand to consider his behavior cognizing the algorithm of each level and getting the possibility to control them. Change of stereotype, ability to take from a detached view is the component of success of new man. Exactly the process of Globalization forms this psychological ability in Man. Sri Aurobindo said that the mission of man is to reach such level, when each cell of his organism is conscious. This is possible only if there is Man access to Earth Nervous system, when subtle-material essence of Globalization grows through the Man.

Three Main Reasons for Globalization without Humanity

As we see Globalization is the constant historical process that does not depends on human will, but becomes apparent through Man creation as Creator display. Many people pay the general attention to money availability. They do not understand financial processes, i.e. that purse, money, and cards are the “cell phone” in the “Earth Nervous system”, through which it is possible not only to control but also to direct Man.

All ancient apprenticeships urge humanity to liberation. Only correct psychological preparation of Man can help him out from the globalization dependence system, and be not a victim, but the co-author of Creator.

We should understand that people in society are divided on several levels. “Kloshars” are not only people that look for something in garbage. There are kloshars-scientists, kloshars-politicians, kloshars-bankers, etc. The next level of people is “Sheep”. They are quiet and surely discharge their duty at the fabrics and other organizations, etc. Then there is the level of “Sheep with bells”. They are leaders, managers, presidents of companies and countries. Who is under them? – “Shepherd”! Ask yourself: “Do you know who is Shepherd in society?” As a rule, we do not know them because they are behind of life scene. They are our puppeteers. Further there are “Authors” and “Creators”. This hierarchy exists in our life from ancient times. God’s follower will never confuse forms of God. He will recognize each of them: “…Follower of God. If he is wise he perceives apprenticeship. Physical forms will never deceive him, but he will have a look on soul condition of everybody and will talk to them. There are many animals in the world, which have human form. When he cognize them he gives acorns to swine, he gives barley, and straw, and grass to cattle, he gives bones to dogs, he gives shoots to slaves, he gives perfect to children” (the Gospel from Philip, 119, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

Everything needs instruction to use and description. When we buy computer or other equipment we also get technical passport for this production. Man is also equipment, but biological, on the divine level, and without technical passport, where you could read about his destination and instruction to use. I.e. we have been initially robed and put into dependence on our ignorance.

“Ignorance is mother of evil for us, ignorance serves to death” (the Gospel from Philip, 123, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

“…And knowledge makes them free, because it pushes them to be free” (the Gospel from Philip, 110, “Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

The First Problem

During scientific and technical progress humanity has created different types of “prosthetic appliance” for own service, and became its hostage, destroyed by this relation to humanity as to divine creation. Therefore, this is scientific and technical development for Reasonable Man, but for Conscious Man this is great value. How to understand this?

When animal looks to mirror it sees other animal. When beast looks to mirror it understands that there is his reflection in the mirror. The other man and surrounding him technique is the mirror for man. Scientific and technical progress is the mirror for humanity, but only Conscious Man can see himself in this mirror. During Man, his super-conscious, sub-conscious and conscious functions investigations, technique and equipment have being created. It is necessary to understand that computer that is standing in front of you on the desk has the similar virtual form in your cerebrum. What does it mean? In ancient times, when images have being appearing inside of Man cerebrum, he was thinking that they are angels or other subtle-material essences. Man was subordinated to and worshiped them, always being in different psychical and schizophrenia conditions. Cerebrum finishes drawing and fantasying of virtual images, using phantom feelings as a base. Knowing this physiological cerebrum property prepared man perceives this as Biocomputer work. Therefore, man contacts Biocomputer as subtle-material tool, controlling it, installing programs, and getting wonderful results. During schoolchildren education we do the same but unconsciously, i.e. on the level of Reasonable Man but no Conscious Man, writing down information into Biocomputer – into man cerebrum. Now is the time to understand this and to go to the new developmental and educational level with Biocomputer use consciously. Our new mirror – scientific and technical progress – helps to do this. Unfortunately, only 2% of people can get this possibility (Biocomputer). Then others cannot be in time for the train of new life. Who does determines, who is included into this percent? On my mind everybody makes own decision.

The Second Problem

Scientific and technical progress surely captures new and new working places, forcing out man. This progress gives rise of collective consciousness, an ability to have self-consciousness, an ability of self-development and self-protection. Films “Terminator” and “Matrix” are not far future, but this future already comes now. Will somebody needs us in the future or people die as mammoths?

Scientific investigation of subtle-material processes and their influence on people behavior has been hold in Kiev. The aim was to understand reasons attracting people to football. This was political order for further use in election technologies.

We found that few weeks before football match small subtle-material object with thousands rays has appeared under the stadium. Rays were looking for contacts with people. Every time they found the right man they connected this man and activated him. And this man began to interest highly in football, to talk often about it and to prepare himself for match. Object, getting energy from people, was slowly growing and rising in size. During match, when waves of feelings were spreading around arena, this object was sharply accumulating energy, increasing itself to hundreds meters size. At the end of match it has been increased so much that it became three times bigger then stadium. When match was finished all object’s connections with people have been cut, object rose under the stadium half kilometer higher, sharply compressed itself and left this space.

This phenomenon could be called as “Bon appetite – they had a dinner!” The next is logic: Grass “eats” sun; sheep eats grass; people eat sheep; subtle-material essences eat people; Cosmic organic, which created Solar System, eat subtle-material essences.

At present not only aliens have plasma technologies, such technologies are technically using by people already (“cerebrum bomb”, plasma, resonance etc. technologies).

Certain subtle-material power uses people as milch cow, getting from us psychic energy and plasma as food. Many who read this will be scared, but horror consists of the other: Technique, which is creating in parallel with man through man and by man, and can be called “canned food” for somebody who eats our life energy. There is “Sweden table” of “canned food” for subtle-material world, and humanity is not the best food already. Today the question is: Shall we be so necessary for our “shepherds” as a food in the future? Resolute development of Globalization clearly says about loss of appetite in respect of us.

The Third Problem

According ancient wisdom: “Upstairs there is the same as downstairs”. Therefore, in the system “Sky – Man – Earth” there is subtle-material structure between Olympic Gods Family and Aid in Greece mythology. Subtle-material essence of Sky roots into Earth, but Earth essence roots into Sky. We stay at the “aquarium” of subtle-material roots of life as fish swims in aquarium full of water. In Chinese mythology there is secret essence Shan in Sky, essence Ci in Man, essence Czin – in Earth. In Russian bylinas we read “Mother Earth, give me the Power”.

During last two millenniums people have been delivered from necessity of their subtle-material nature and surrounding world cognition. “You die, you separate in subtle body, and you fly away – where?”

“Those, who think that they will die and rise again – are mistaken, if they did not get resurrection being alive. Resurrection is in the sacrament of baptism, in anointing, in thanks, in redeeming and in breeding chamber. If you safe yourself then you safe others” (“Apocrypha of ancient Christians”).

Where and how can we know these secrets? How to safe yourself? How to help others, children, relatives?

Root system of Sky interacts with root system of Earth. Life occurs at the point of their interaction. Death occurs if Sky and Earth are separated. Children sense and play with root system of Sky, the base of which is Image, and with root system of Earth – with Essence. Play with Image and Essence is the main property of Man development, but it is not safe. The older man, the less he works with images, fantasy and imagination, the less he sense his and surrounding essence nature. That is why it has been said: “Be as children”.

When Man loses connection with root system he becomes old and dies.

If Man understands at the proper time that it is necessary to come back to first-born system he acquires new and wonderful extra-sense qualities: clairvoyance, telepathy, healers etc. As eastern people say these are sithi – super-capabilities. If Man goes to God, then on his way, on the right and on the left he meets wonderful “flowers” - sithi. These are reference-points on the way to God, but at the same moment sithi seduce man. Therefore, there is the general rule – man is not allowed to fix himself on sithi. Touch it, get wonderful abilities and go further, fare away from them! Some people do not know about this and begin to treat everybody, to broadcast, etc. - they stop on the way to God. Religions do right, when call those capabilities – sin, but only in case when man starts to exploit this first-born life root system, which gives him phenomenal capabilities. On the contrary, we must increase the strength of system, but we don’t know about it unfortunately.

There is the other side of the task. At the subtle-material plan we are surrounded by essences and aliens, which do really want to intercept Life Root system of humanity and to use it for their purposes. For this aim they do different investigations about their compatibility with our root system. Root system in our life is directly bound with sexual and parental energies.

That is why until now the war for saint places is still going on in the world. This is the war for ritual esoteric relics, for “places of power”, which are the acupuncture points of the Earth Root System. Understanding going process of Globalization, which doesn’t open its true face, we have to conclude, that “cuckoo” tries to through us as a “chicks” away from the nest. Shall we understand this? Shall we be able to change life? Shall we be in time at our “life train”? Everything depends on us.

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