George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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The knowledge of truth elevates heart of men who doesn’t sin. The knowledge makes him talented because it makes him free.
--“Ancient Christian Apocrypha” The Gospel from Foma, 110

Full time tuition in Moscow (1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage).
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The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

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The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as virtual course on DVD "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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Documental clips about the method
Delegation of USA's and Ukraine's First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Lyudmila Kuchma with the results of rehabilitation of children with CCP using V.M. Bronnikov's method, 1997.
(in English)
Delegation of USA's and Ukraine's First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Lyudmila Kuchma with the results of rehabilitation of children with CCP using V.M. Bronnikov's method, 1997.
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Documental clips about the method
The 'Explosiv Magazin' telecast about the Bronnikov method on german television.
(in Deutch)
The 'Explosiv Magazin' telecast about the Bronnikov method on german television.
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About the method
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Scientists about the method

            We altogether live at the threshold of the third millennium and still are not aware about our natural perfect exceptional talents and capabilities. Modern science has proved that all our diseases and inabilities directly depend on developmental state of cerebrum structures and harmony of energetic processes in human organism and surrounding nature. It has been scientifically proved that we use only 4-6% of our brain resources. The rest is unclaimed. Harmony of relations between people and nature is destroyed. At present there are many different spiritual practices and psychic technics that have been developed in ancient times. These practices and technics are very valuable but unfortunately they are not able to stimulate interest of modern people and to give simple and easily understood method to develop and improve spiritual and physical quality of life.

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            Today we present unique Method developed in International Academy of Human Development by academician Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov – well-known specialist in fields of knowledge about Man Kind and Evolution of Space in Solar System. The method “Harmonization and Development of Organs and Systems Functions in Human Body” is based on simple natural principles and laws. The source of this method is in ancient knowledge about man. Vyacheslav Bronnikov has created the unique and extremely effective system for human improvement through activation of super consciousness and its further development in harmony with functions of consciousness and sub consciousness.

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            Fantastic capabilities of human organism are revealed by using of special simple exercises that help to develop right-hand cerebral hemisphere that is almost invalid in brain of modern people through ignorance. The person learned Bronnikov method acquires ability to restore vitality fast and competently, to get never tired, to stand different load. This person increases the rate of reaction, develops physical abilities. Study of method allows our organism to switch on functions that never worked before. Organism begins to free itself from pathologies. Developing cerebrum expands memory possibilities, assimilates new memory types (photo-visual memory, bio-computer memory), and takes possession of new vision modes (without common eyesight).

4.jpg (9660 bytes)            People that learned Bronnikov method can see with closed eyes (masks blindfolded eyes), can well orient themselves in surrounding space, can read texts, can do the energy and informational examination and functional correction of their organisms, and can help other people. Blind people who learned Bronnikov method got alternative vision (people with bad eyesight can considerably improve common vision), deaf people can get the alternative hearing, paralysed people begin to move and serve themselves, people with diabetes can stop the progress of their decease and decrease their dependence from insulin. Vyacheslav Bronnikov thinks that there is nothing special in such events. He says: “We just develop our hidden abilities…” In the base of Bronnikov method is one of tendency of secret Dao Yoga, the number of special exercises adapted for modern people. This method develops energy structures of body, harmonizes blood circulation, activates the cerebrum and vegetative nervous system functioning, increases immunity, and therefore makes you younger. Bronnikov method is unique because it gives a lot and at the same time it is approachable to everyone: to child and to adult. The method doesn’t require you to leave your job and family. On the contrary it increases success, both in your personal life, and in your social life. Everyone, who studies Bronnikov method, will surely find everything necessary. Health, Success, Wealth and Spiritual growth will come to you when you come to Bronnikov method.

5.jpg (10017 bytes)            Simple and safe exercises could be performed by children and adults even at home. In short time new developed abilities of cerebral hemispheres and especially right-hand one become apparent. Memory and attention develops. Through developing sensitivity of your body and increasing energy exchange between your organism and surrounding space it is possible to restore immune system and to remove the most of pathological processes in your body and to be never ill anymore. Thus, man, developing himself gets new tools for world perception. For example, Bio-computer way of vision allows us to see surrounding space using new brain property (like dolphins and bat can see), and vise versa it allows us to see ourselves and our inner organs. Blind person who possesses this method is able to see without eyes. It is possible to overcome even consequences of infantile cerebral paralysis developing virtual direct and reverse biological connections between brain and muscles. People with diabetes can significantly improve their health condition. Schoolchildren and students doing exercises can finally get unique bio-computer photo-visual memory and manipulate in their mind by great amount of information saved as different “files” in their new memory (as they use usual computer). You can see achievements of people learned Bronnikov method in documentation “I do see with closed eyes” and “The way to super consciousness”, in TV programs, magazines and newspapers, in the materials of scientific conferences. Method has been patented in many countries. Now in International Academy of Human Development in Moscow learning courses takes place where professors, teachers, businessmen, parents with children etc. study method all together and teach each other exchanging roles of “teacher” and “learner”. And children win in this competition getting necessary qualities of leader. Mostly children come into being already with revealed unusual abilities but those abilities don’t find application and switch off in our aggressive surrounding. If you interested when you can start to study method we answer: preferably from childhood, but it is never late to begin – there are no any age-connected borders.

The 1st stage video film "Ecology of the Spirit"

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